Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Unintentional Hiatus: Highlights and Crotch Shots


That was a long break without blogging wasn't it? Here's a random list of things that happened to me in the past week while I wasn't blogging.

- I dressed like a Pirate (and someone has pictures to prove it but they haven't given them to me yet.)

- I had a meltdown and thought about not being published.

- I sold book number 69 out of 100.

- The person who bought that book contacted me on facebook and I asked him how he was enjoying number 69.

- I sold more books to boys . . . and girls . . . but mostly boys.

- One of the people who bought my book e-mailed me at 6am to tell me he thinks I'm cute.

- He knows I'm taken.

- My fridge stopped working and I had to put my food outside.

- I didn't think about the neighborhood cats until it was too late.

- I had to drive a one tonne truck, and it HAD to breakdown on me.

- I loaded and unloaded boxes through a window. Who says you need a front door anymore?

- I am forever grateful to the people at Dodge for Stow N Go seating.

- I spent the weekend sitting dangerously close to my editor / publisher and his wife.

- I now have a picture of a friend with a coat check sign on his crotch.

- There was a power outage near my house, but the 7/11 wasn't affected.

- I ran a red light.

- I went to dinner in my pirate costume . . . because I could.

- I discovered chain mail belts. I want one soooo bad.

- I had the following conversation via e-mail:

QT: I really liked your book!
Me: That's great! If you don't mind my asking, where did you pick up a copy?
QT: Actually, I borrowed it from your mom . . . I'm S's girlfriend.
Me: Wow! My brother has a girlfriend!

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  1. I have sooo had weeks like that. You are not alone, girl. Hope this week is going better for you.


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