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SURRENDER: Author's Note

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So I'm reading a book called Think Like Zuck (about facebook and Mark Zuckerberg and yes I saw the movie blah blah) anyway the book talks about hacker culture and how with hackers nothing is ever really done, it just keeps getting better and better.

And the same seems to be for SURRENDER. Not the story itself which will now remained locked in ink, but the extras. I recently added praise to the beginning and more of a blurb (since a lot of you at shows gave me funny looks for the one liner on the back cover, sorry about that I really was having a lazy day) and now I've decided to add an author's note. But since not all of you will want to download the book again (boo! boooo!) I thought I'd post it here so you can read it.

It contains a ton of weird facts you may not have made correlations to when you originally read the book, secrets that maybe I was going to keep forever.

Author’s Note
Once upon a time I wrote non fiction. Gritty, ugly facts splattered on paper and fed to the masses. Needless to say the non fiction wasn’t my favorite thing to write. Throughout my journey to self discovery (which consisted of a lot of studying and writing weird essays) a story began to form. In its original rough form a Ferryman traveled to Avalon and met a pretty girl with long white hair and green eyes. This girl was a Flame, one of nine weapons made to destroy the world as we know it. She lived with her friend Puck, and her elder Desaunius. Titania and Oberon were the sovereigns of Avalon, and Morgan Le Fay wasn’t there, not yet. There was a sisterhood in the East, and I imagine that’s where all the King Arthur stories came from, but King Arthur had nothing to do with my story. My story was about the Ferryman nobody thought much of, and the Flame everyone thought was destined for greatness and how together they created catastrophes together.

The story was never nice, but the elements surrounding their disastrous ends were parts of very different myths. Nobody seems to know the Flame was ever in Avalon, or that the Ferryman was there too. Ferrymen are from Greek mythology, Flames are loosely from Eastern Mythology (Asia if you will) yet in my mind they were both on Avalon at the time same (long before King Arthur and Morgan Le Fay) and they fell in love, which really was the wrong thing to do.

Of course in those days the inhabitants of Avalon didn’t call it Avalon, and they didn’t know much about Ferrymen or Flames. Titania, Oberon and Puck didn’t know the names Shakespeare gave them, so they gave themselves different names. And like all good stories there are people who you’ve never met before within the pages. People like Desaunius, Mallorn, and Adoron.

Of course, you’ve never met Kaliel and Krishani either, but you will, and maybe by the end of this story you’ll understand exactly why Kemplan destroyed everything he could find about the Flames.

But I digress. Since I couldn’t pass this story off as non fiction (because the only thing Kemplan sees as non fiction are things his Scryes write) I decided it would have to be fiction. Everything that happens in this story is fictional, except for the places and the characters.

This isn’t the Avalon you know, or the Ferryman you know, and you never knew the Flame so I don’t know why I’d even bother mentioning her, but she’s definitely not Eastern Mythology’s version. She’s really nothing like the karmic debt vacuum cleaner they make her out to be.

Once upon a time she was just a girl who happened to have the power to cause an apocalypse, and she fell in love with a boy who happened to follow death and they happened to meet on Avalon, (which was really just a hidden island on Earth) and they happened to cause a catastrophe.

I’ll stop rambling and let you read the book now, but I thought all of these things were things you might need to know.

Rhiannon Paille

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